Glamour and Makeup

Glamour and Makeup 

Glamour photography is a time for you to feel sexy and more than comfortable in your own skin, not stressed or concerned over your appearance. Highlighting your natural beauty and ensuring you feel “Unapologetically” you is my top priority. That’s why with all three of my glamour packages I include a session with my professional makeup artist at no additional cost to you. Whether you are coming to me to help unleash your inner goddess or you’re trying to decide if you need professional aid preparing for an upcoming shoot, here are just a few reasons why I suggest having your makeup done professionally for your photos

Face-To-Face Vs. Photoshoot

Believe it or not, there IS a difference between applying makeup for face-to-face interactions versus photography, and making sure you’re using the correct products for the job can be tricky! Your eyes and eye makeup are critical. The camera will never capture the same color and vibrancy you apply in person. While the processes are similar, the application of eyeshadow color can make all the difference. It is not simply adding more for dramatic effect or less for a more natural look. The reason for this difference is the lighting used during photoshoots, whether it be artificial or natural, and a professional makeup artist knows exactly how to provide you with a vibrant, sexy look that the camera will be able to accentuate.

Another way makeup artists overcome the differences between on-camera and real life is the accentuation of your eyelashes. The use of false eyelashes that are made from 100% natural materials will also bring the appropriate level of emphasis to your eyes. If you have had eyelash extensions professionally applied, these work just as well.

A professional makeup artist will know the best ways to achieve each look for your desired aesthetic throughout the shoot. With the help of a makeup artist, you never have to worry about whether the products you apply will last through the entire process.

Professional Products

Every woman has the tools and products she needs to make herself feel sexy and comfortable within her own skin, no matter where she gets them! You know what brands, shades and colors work for your body – I understand why you might be hesitant to let a stranger apply new products. However, professional makeup artists have years of experience and training in applying the correct makeup for anyone they may come to work with. Not only do they have experience, but they also use professional products and methods to ensure you have a luxurious and hygienic experience. I believe your skin deserves to not only look sexy but to also FEEL sexy. 

Tailored To Your Needs

You know your skin best. A great professional makeup artist will ask you questions about any allergies, sensitivities or skin conditions they should be aware of, and whether your skin gets more oily or more dry over time, along with other important factors to determine the best products for you. 

Professional makeup artists will also work with you to determine your needs based upon the outfits you wear. Your lips and lip color should compliment every outfit you model, meaning a change of color or style (bold, subtle, glossy, matte, etc.) could be necessary between every shoot. A professional makeup artist will understand the best ways to tailor their services to your needs while making your skin look and feel sexy. 

A woman should feel like every aspect of her glamour photoshoot is specifically tailored to her needs. Booking a glamour shoot is all about discovering her femininity and how sexy she is “Unapologetically!” Having a professional makeup artist add to that experience is just as important as any other aspect of her photoshoot. 

Contact me today and schedule a shoot, and let’s rediscover your beauty and femininity together.

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    Love the blog, amazing and beautiful photos. Every woman should experience this luxury, it could literally be life changing.

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