Glamour With Friends

Glamour photography has come more into the spotlight within recent years, and it’s only becoming more popular. It is often a way to celebrate sisterhood, friendship, and milestones in life. Booking a glamour shoot with a friend or  sister can also be a great gift to give a friend. 

This style is close to my heart, and I believe that all women are beautiful and that beauty should be celebrated. I love working with each individual woman to give her an experience of discovering how beautiful and sexy she truly is “Unapologetically”! 

But the truly great part of glamour is that it doesn’t need to just be a solo experience! Group glamour sessions are fun for everyone involved, and more people are scheduling with friends. I’ve had the privilege to help facilitate and shoot for a couple of groups in varying styles. Last March I got to do a photoshoot for a group of sisters in a vintage style – you can read all about it here. Another group glamour session I shot was a group of friends in evening wear in Dallas. The possibilities and styles can be whatever you envision!

Coordinating Between Friends 

Amidst all the styles and personalities in a group glamour session, however, is always the importance of coordination. Back in January, I wrote about how you can best match your skin tone to the clothing you wear. 

A group session goes beyond even that advice! You wouldn’t want to wear clashing colors or styles in such a memorable photo, and you may even want to highlight a special color theme throughout the session. Maybe one person in the group would love to wear bold and sensual makeup, while another wants to provide a minimalistic look. Solution for all of these is communication! Talk together beforehand and decide what works best for everyone involved. 


Self-care is also an important element to glamour photography. Do something for yourself to celebrate who you are and rediscover who you are and how sexy you are without having to try. As women who spend so much time caring for others, women deserve more than they give themselves credit for. 

Contact me today and  schedule a shoot for just yourself or your closest friends, and let’s rediscover your beauty and femininity together. 

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