Dressing Beautifully- From T-shirts to Ballgowns

We all know that woman. Every time we see her we wonder, “How does she do it?” No matter what she’s wearing, whether dressed up or down, she always looks beautiful. There’s likely a few sage pieces of fashion knowledge she is implementing day to day, but I would also not be surprised if she is very selective of the color schemes of her clothing. 

If you learn what shades are best for you and remember it when selecting your wardrobe, you’ll likely notice an increase in compliments as your clothing does what it should always do- bring out your natural beauty!

Seasonal Color Analysis 

One of the most popular ways of determining what your best shade comes from using seasonal color analysis. One of the most successful representations of this process came from a book by Carole Jackson, Color Me Beautiful. The book became a 1980s pop-culture phenomenon and spawned a number of related sequels, including titles specific to makeup and a book specifically for men. Jackson’s work uses a simple seasonal color system for spring, summer, fall, and winter to help readers find their best shades. 

If you are someone who loves color and has a variety of shades in your closet, you might be worried that I am getting ready to tell you to get rid of half of your wardrobe! Don’t be! Although simple, Jackson’s method is comprehensive and gives everyone about thirty shades which makes them stand out. Even if you have a small wardrobe, you’ll notice all of your closet more easily coordinates together when you stick to your individual color palette. 

Here are descriptions of each season:


The dominant skin tones for winters are very white or olive. Hair colors range from medium brown, dark brown, black-brown, salt and pepper, shock white and silvery white. Eye colors include brown, green/hazel, and dark blue/violet. 


Dominant skin tones for summer women are very pink, gray-brown, and rosy brown. Eye colors are blue or hazel. 


Spring’s skin tones include beige, very pink, gray-brown and rosy brown. Spring hair color is flaxen blonde, strawberry, light to mid brown with highlights, warm white, and gray or ivory. Eye colors include clear blue, teal, and clear green. 


Autumn’s often have ivory or peach skin tones that may have freckles as well as golden or coppery beige. Hair colors for Autumns are reds, brown or golden brown, or dark blondes. 

Autumn eyes are brown, green/hazel, or dark teal.

What shades look best on each season?


Winter women look very elegant in primary colors. Their palette is dramatic with black, white, and jewel tones.


Autumn women stand out in warm colors such as dark rust, forest green, and deep teal. Think the colors of autumn leaves and earth tones for this palette such as gold, rust, olive, and burnt red.


Summer women shine in muted, cool colors from light to deep as well as pastels. Summers look great in most shades of blue and garden colors such as rose, mauve, pink, and watermelon. 


This palette is crisp, fresh, and energetic. Springs glow in shades of peach, pink, coral, turquoise, and Periwinkle.

When you work with me, I work with you even in the beginning stages of planning your session. I will help you make choices which I feel will be most flattering for you, ensuring you receive photos which reflect your beauty, personality, and confidence. Contact me today to get started! To learn more about using color analysis to help you bring out your natural beauty, visit carolejacksoncolors.com.

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