How to Make Perfect Expressions for Boudoir Photos

Call it “sexy faces,” “bedroom eyes,” or the “come hither look,” the majority of women I talk to feel the same way. At one point or another, most clients mention, “I can’t make a sexy expression” or “If I try to make that expression, I just look goofy or angry.” 

At least you can rest assured that you are not alone! Most women seem to lack some confidence when they feel pressured to look sexy behind a camera. However, I truly believe this is an area where most women overcomplicate it and are just too hard on themselves! 

You can’t be expected to know how to achieve these looks if you have never been taught! Here are a few tips and tricks to capturing your most sexy expressions while bringing out your most natural and confident beauty. 


The term “smize,” made popular by Tyra Banks, refers to the idea of smiling with your eyes. A smize is achieved by moving the bottom of your eyelids closer to your pupil. 

To practice, find a mirror to stand in front of it. When done correctly, you feel a little bit of pressure on your eyes, a hint of a squint without actually squinting.

Most likely, you’ll understand what to do and be able to then do it on command after practicing less than 5 minutes.

Come Hither Looks 

Not everyone’s approach to flashing a sexy expression should be the same. There is a way to capture the “come hither look” without having to adhere to the typical bold, non-smiling expression. As you will see in some of the examples in the photos provided, anyone can look sexy in their own way. 

Some of these sexy looks are achieved by looking down and focusing more on beautiful features such as eyelashes. Others are achieved by flashing a playful smile. Some even have their eyes completely closed or are looking away from the camera. Another common cue in boudoir photos is a slight breath in or out of the mouth. There’s a lot of subtle variation with the way the lips can be manipulated. Gasps and lip bites can both look great. 

Just relax 

If you begin to pay attention you’ll notice most pro models and red carpet photos have an expression with a relaxed jaw. In fact, this technique is so useful that pros often yawn between takes to reset their jaws and keep them loose. 

Give it a try: relax your jaw so that you have a 1-2 millimeter gap between your teeth. Then, give a slight, no teeth-showing smile. You’ll be amazed at how much more youthful your face looks when your jaw is relaxed! This technique keeps from accentuating crows feet, cheeks, and other wrinkles that appear during a big smile.

In the end, it isn’t anything to stress about. Remember that it is my job to bring out your most natural and beautiful expressions. Your body language is more than just your facial expression also. The combination of sexy expressions, poses, makeup, and clothing suited to your body type will capture you more perfectly than you could imagine possible. 

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