Discovering Your Best Boudoir Body

Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. However, it’s normal for you to want to look your absolute best before investing in a boudoir shoot. Besides following certain boudoir tips such as clothing and shoe styles to enhance your natural beauty, there are a few other ways to prepare your body inside and out to capture the most beautiful photos. 

Don’t Diet

You may be tempted to try to quickly lose a few pounds as your scheduled boudoir shoot becomes closer, but DO NOT diet! It will show up faster and look harsher in your face and eyes. 

As a bit of reassurance, nude or partially nude models (ie. swimwear) are always a bit heavier than clothing/fashion models. A healthy attitude toward your body is sexy. Loving yourself as you are now is the heart of a beautiful you, and beautiful images will follow. 

Do Be Decisive about What you Consume

Cut out any and all not so good for you items, such as cola, soda, carbonated beverages, coffee, and hard alcohol. 

Eat regularly and as healthy as possible. This includes lots of leafy greens. 

Cut out the processed sugars. It is proven that if you quit drinking soda/cola, whether they be diet or not, people have lost 5 pounds a month. 

The top beauty secret is apple cider vinegar! Two swigs of vinegar a day does wonderful things to help balance the PH of your body. Beauty is all about being healthy starting from the inside!


Drink lots of water now before your session. Not only will water help you feel your best, but it can do wonders at bringing out your natural glow. As a general rule, you need at least eight cups per day before your session. 

If you would like to be more specific for your body’s needs, try for half your body weight in ounces each day. Therefore, someone who weighs 150 pounds would consume about 75 ounces of water each day. 

Get Adequate Sleep

Not only does adequate sleep greatly improve stress levels and improve health in various ways, but it also helps show off your most beautiful self. Adequate sleep leads to less wrinkles, a glowing complexion, and eyes that appear brighter and less puffy.

 Eight hours of sleep per night are highly recommended always, but especially right before your session. If you struggle with getting enough sleep, try going to bed at the same time each night to improve the possibility of sleeping as much as you should.

Nail Care

A manicure and pedicure is crucial for the success of your images. Avoid french tips because they seem to look like porn in the photos. Colors such as red, merlot, pink or a nice white neutral are preferable. I highly advise against blue, or green, or any non-traditional colors.


If you tan, don’t do it too much. A healthy glow is nice, but overtanning looks unnatural, dries the skin, and increases wrinkles. Avoid spray tanning because it looks orange in photos.

Hair Removal

Hair removal is very important. Please remove all hair in obvious as well as not so obvious places. Of course, your personal style belongs to you, and I honor that, but here are a few critical areas to handle: 

Legs, upper as well as lower. 

Pubic area, trim exactly to your liking. Do not do a bikini wax the morning of your session as you will be red and irritated. Remember the front and back sides of you. If you end up with a pimple or irritation in this area, please use makeup coverup to conceal. 

Arms, upper as well as lower. 

Facial hair…yes, we girls too have this. We call it peach fuzz. Remember to get all around your cheeks, in front of your ears, corners of the mouth, and above the lip. (Hint-Amazon sells a Tinkle razor that works great for this area). 

Wax or tweeze eyebrows one to three days before, and not the same day of your session to avoid redness.


Eyes, the whites of them, use a Visine or other drop to get the red out an hour or so before your session begins.

Your Smile

Start whitening your teeth before your session. Good old baking soda can be used to whiten and brighten them. Brush twice a day with it.

In the end, the most important thing you can do is relax! Remember to enjoy this special moment in time. Let me work my magic as I capture your radiant beauty. Boudoir is as much about celebrating your love for yourself as it is about discovering how to best display that beauty. 

If you have other questions about how to prepare for your session, please contact me today! 

Unsure about boudoir? Check out what clients had to say about their experience:

-It made me feel beautiful for the entire day. Lisa helped me feel confident and like a “model for the day”. At the end of the day, I liked the reflection I saw in the mirror.

-It emotionally lifted me for the day and helped me to focus on myself instead of everyone around me. I also worked on getting in shape to feel good about myself which at the end of the day I had more confidence in myself, my appearance, and body.

-I had a lot of fun and it made me feel pretty again.

-I didnʼt realize that it would be such a confidence builder as it was. It helped me to appreciate my body and form. Iʼm not the smallest woman in weight, nor am I tall, so I have always struggled a little with my image. This helped me immensely to accept myself and helped me to know that my body is perfect the way it is

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