Vintage Style Photo Session

An Old Thing Becomes New!

So this is the back story and how this new thing came about………

Sister's Vintage Photo Session

I have a dear friend that has several sisters and sister-in-laws. Every year they plan a weekend together and they call it “Sister Weekend”. They have been doing this for the past 8 years…they plan a place with a purpose to spend quality and quantity of time in close, uninterrupted conversation together. Over the years, they have suffered significant losses. Both of their parents died at young ages, they buried a brother and, most recently, a sister (who looked so forward to these weekends). Also, one of the sister-in-laws was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

The new idea…….

So I had this idea to capture their “Sister Weekend” through a photo shoot. I thought “vintage style”! I have this awesome vintage caboose that I shoot other sessions in and thought it might be really cool for them to dress up in vintage clothing for the session. So I called my friend and she thought it was an awesome idea! We went to work to find all things “vintage 1950’s” since most of them were born in that era. We scouted antique malls, and vintage shops. We found dresses, coats, hats, jewelry, gloves, luggage, and much more!

Their day….

Beginning early, they were all treated to hair and makeup application (50’s style no doubt!). What a whirlwind of a day…just having fun together, taking each others pics with their cell phones! Can I just say there was so much laughing!!! And isn’t said that “Laughter is the best medicine!” Each sister had a unique 50’s look and style all their own. It was evident that they all felt glamorous and confident. I truly loved watching them shine while taking their photos!

The result….

Time spent with loved ones is most precious. This photo session was more than just taking photos. I witnessed the sisters strong bond of commitment to spend time together. They showed each other love and adoration. Holding one another up and making sure that each sister or sister-in-law felt pretty and loved. It was truly a beautiful thing! Watching them rally around their ill sister-in-law, making sure she was comfortable, was very touching. At the end of the day my heart was full and I felt like I had done something that would save priceless memories for their family to share in the future. My final thought can be summed up with this quote….

by Catherine Pulsifer (Author)….”The best part of life is to decide to make the journey through life like a best selling book. Tell a fantastic story when you are ready to tell others. Make sure life is the best story every written through a journey filled with overcoming obstacles, taking risks and continuing to develop.”

This new old thing was definitely a success!!

A wonderful ending to an extraordinary day.

You can read the sisters testimonies to this project here.

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