Reasons to do a “Day after Wedding” Session

Many times a Bride and Groom do not have the time during the wedding day to get all the photos of themselves they would like to have. So many things are going on and there is a timeline they should and must keep to. Also, something always seems to happen that puts a hiccup in that timeline! Well, it just does not seem right that this day is all about them, and they don’t have very many pictures of just the two them.

There are several reasons why a Bride and Groom would want to plan a photo session after the wedding. Many times this can be planned days or weeks after the honeymoon, months, or even years after the wedding.

One of the most important reasons is recovery from all pre-wedding and wedding day events. It allows for a stress-free session without all the worry of family and guests waiting on the B & G to be done with their photos of themselves. Usually during the wedding timeline, they are only allowed a fifteen minute photo shoot of just the two of them. (Don’t forget the hiccup!)

The Bride and Groom have only each other to focus on during a scheduled “Day After” shoot. They will be more relaxed than they were on their wedding day, the photos will reflect it! The Bride could even plan to wear her hair in a more relaxed style than perhaps she wore for her wedding.

These “Day After” photos will also be more creative! A bride can choose the mood she wants to reflect in these images. With that said, location is another reason to plan this kind of session. The B & G are not limited by the wedding venue, they can choose the mountains, lake, or anywhere to get those breathtaking, dreamy photos of the two of them.

Let’s talk about the weather! No matter what it is or was on the day of the wedding, these are sessions are scheduled around it. All weddings are always subject to whatever the weather is that day, and sometimes it’s not too good! Rain, hail, snow, tornadoes (we live in the southwest!) can be a determent to beautiful photos.

One very important reason I can’t forget to mention…….the Bride won’t have to worry about getting her Gown dirty!!!! The Gown is one of the most expensive ones that she will ever buy and wear! It deserves to be documented on such an important event in her life! Most Brides don’t get an opportunity to even have Bridal photos done in their dress before the wedding because the dress didn’t come in on time. This is also another opportunity to wear it again! And it’s just the perfect time to do those beautiful bridal portraits that she didn’t have time to do before the wedding!

Day after Wedding sessions are a perfect way to end the wedding season in the beginning of a Bride and Grooms life together!

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