Tips for successful Engagement Photos

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to a wedding! One of the first on your list is to have Engagement photos made of you and your fiancé. This is an important time in your life and these photos will be lasting memories of it. When I talk to couples about their session, I always remind them that it is all about them and their interaction between the two of them. When it comes to posing, before we begin the session I give them instruction and then continue to direct them throughout the duration. And always….there will be a whole LOT of kissing! 🙂 In the following, I have put together some helpful tips to make yours a success!

When choosing your outfits, pick the ones that make you feel and look great in. If you choose something that doesn’t quite fit right and you don’t feel good in it, it will show up in the photos. Try to find clothing items that coordinate and not necessarily match. The patterns and colors should compliment each other (just like your personalities do!) Don’t forget the accessories! A hat, scarf, jacket, sweater, jewelry, the possibilities are endless, and can give some variety to your photos.

Take the time to get the wrinkles out. Make sure to iron or steam your garments ahead of time. Photographers get the question all the time, “Can’t you just Photoshop that out?” Honestly, it is very difficult and time consuming. You don’t want to look at all those wrinkles for a lifetime, do you?

Consider professional hair styling and makeup application. If you are considering having it done for your wedding, maybe make this an opportunity for a “test run”. Makeup for professional photos should be applied somewhat heavier than an average everyday look. And you will be glad you did it!

Think about location, where would you like to have you photos taken. It might be in the mountains, at the lake, in the park, or in a downtown setting. You could even choose to have them in your home on your sofa. If you have a couple of outfits, maybe a casual and a dressy one, you could have a different location for each one.

Plan the day by making it all about the two of you. Don’t try to schedule other activities on your “to do” list. Make this a date day/evening because you are investing in your relationship to capture those moments. Nothing else should be more important.

Be flexible! If you plan to have your session outdoors, most are always scheduled around the sun and weather. I usually schedule a couple of days for a couple session, then I watch the weather for the perfect day!

Start a Pinterest board on all the things you would like for you session. Whether it be a pose of the two of you or even with your best man, your ring, a setting, a mood….whatever! Share this with me, the makeup artist, and hairstylist. It will help everybody be on board to make your perfect session.

And lastly, HAVE FUN!

Lisa J Green

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